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Earthworks Archaeology.
A totally independent,
commercial archaeological practice established in 1992.

Over the last 25 years, our highly accomplished and professional staff have consistently delivered a totally reliable, high quality service to our diverse clientele. We manage projects large and small, with wide ranging archaeological budgets from over £1m to £500. We always complete on time, to budget and with minimal fuss.


Earthworks offers a comprehensive range of archaeological services.

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Field Evaluation

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Project Management - When managed correctly and efficiently archaeology is essentially a simple and straightforward process. We are used to managing all aspects of archaeology for our clients who come from many, diverse sectors:
  • Housing and Infrastructure Construction
  • Local Authorities
  • Architectural Practices
  • Utility Companies
  • Historic England
  • National Trust
  • Museums and Charitable Trusts

Desk-Based Assessment – Often, as first-stage exercise to assess the archaeological potential or otherwise of a proposed development site, a DBA draws together available information, including historic maps and other evidence.

Watching Brief - Although the level and scope of a watching brief can vary according to the planning condition attached to a site, this option is often a low-impact archaeological involvement where observations and records are made of any archaeology that may be uncovered during ground disturbance and often takes place where such remains have been previously identified.

Field Evaluation - A field evaluation may be required prior to planning permission being granted. Such an evaluation may involve a defined programme of limited intrusive investigation – often achieved through the excavation of linear trial trenches or the excavation of smaller test-pits – in order to define quickly the presence or absence of archaeological remains and, if present, assess their character, extent and significance. Following field evaluation, a suitable strategy can then be devised in order to move the proposed project forward.

Excavation - During the excavation of a site it is usual to remove and record all archaeological remains. Once this fieldwork process has been completed, unhindered construction work can progress.

Post Excavation & Finds Analysis - Archaeological investigations generally create many finds (pottery fragments, bone, coins etc.) which require expert analysis. Earthworks’ in-house staff produce high-quality reports on finds of all periods, both for our own clients and for other archaeological units, museums and universities. We have published widely and across the world in academic journals, monographs and report series.

Sub-Contracting - We are often commissioned to undertake finds analysis for other archaeological organisations. Additionally, as a totally self-sufficient and mobile fieldwork unit, we also offer high-quality fieldwork services to other archaeological consultants and contractors. Please do contact us to discuss your requirements.

Public Outreach - From site tours to school talks Earthworks have been, and continue to be, actively involved in a variety of community engagement projects allowing our knowledge and expertise of all things archaeological to be shared with a wider audience.

About Us

Large-scale archaeological assessment and excavation ahead of development are what we do best. Earthworks has extensive experience of managing and executing archaeological projects, including large-scale housing and infrastructure developments, pipeline projects and road schemes, with archaeological budgets in excess of £1m. From the initial preparation and approval of specifications, completion of fieldwork, through to final reporting, we understand the essential need for close liaison and cooperation with all parties to ensure the timely and efficient completion of the archaeological works to the required high standards. We understand the need for tight budgetary control and never cause costly delays to a project. Accordingly, with our in-house finds analysis and publication facilities, we provide a service which resolves archaeological considerations efficiently, quickly and to a very high standard.

Over the last 25 years we have established a reputation for total reliability and rapid, high-quality work at a competitive price. When necessary, site teams often work 7 days per week, or evenings, or indeed overnight (especially on essential Highway schemes), to meet a client's requirements and to dovetail in with the demands of a project, thus releasing sites as quickly as possible for construction work.

Importantly, we enjoy excellent relations with both Historic England and all Local Authority Archaeological Curators; these established relationships, coupled with our reliability and expertise, have secured many projects on very sensitive, high-profile sites where quality fieldwork/interpretation, finds analysis and erudite reporting are especially valued.

Quality, Ethos & Development

Senior staff have the highest membership status (MCIfA) within the professional body: the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA). This grade of membership is only awarded to those people with the skills, knowledge and experience to cope with complex and substantial archaeological projects and it ensures the highest professional and ethical standards. All site staff have CSCS cards specific to archaeology and Site Directors are fully-trained first-aiders.

Due to the nature of archaeology there is always the need, with every project, for inherent flexibility in order to ensure the highest standards of customer service, efficiency and quality of sitework and reporting. Our ethos has always been to maintain exceptional professionalism, integrity and efficiency: these qualities result in high-level performance in all areas and excellent value for money for our clients.

Based on detailed discussions with, and advice from HSE, we have a H & S Statement; additionally each project has a bespoke Risk Assessment tailored to suit site circumstances and potential hazards. Earthworks has an unblemished H & S record.


Earthworks Archaeology offers a full range of archaeological services.

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